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Jump into the heart of blockchain with me where passion meets precision in the art of node operation.

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About Us

Welcome to my world of blockchain nodes! I’m Mazi Fizo, your guide and collaborator in the intricate dance of setting up, maintaining, and optimizing the digital heartbeats of blockchain networks. With years of adventure (and misadventures) in the blockchain realm, I bring a blend of expertise, curiosity, and dedication to the table

Hey there! I’m Mazi Fizo , a blockchain believer, node wizard (Harry Potter), and your go-to expert for anything related to blockchain technology. My journey kicked off in 2022, driven by a blend of fascination and skepticism about what this digital ledger could do. Fast forward to today, and I’ve dived deep into the mechanics of various blockchains, from setting up nodes to securing digital fortresses. My mission? To make the blockchain ecosystem stronger, one node at a time.

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Tailored Node Magic for Every Blockchain Need

Node Setup

Think of me as your personal blockchain chef, more like the rat in ratatouille than the actual chef, ready to cook up the perfect node setup for your network's taste and needs.

Node Maintenance

Like a trusted doctor for your nodes, I’m on call to ensure they stay healthy, updated, and buzzing along smoothly.

Monitoring & Security

I’ve got my digital binoculars and shields ready, keeping a vigilant eye on your nodes and fending off those cyber gremlins.


Got blockchain questions or dreams? Let’s chat. I’m here to help you navigate the blockchain seas, whether you’re a newbie or an old hand looking for new tricks.

My Blockchain Adventures (So Far)

Track Record

From the bustling streets of Ethereum to the vast landscapes of Celestia, Cardano, and beyond, I’ve set up shop and left my mark across a tapestry of networks. With 20+ nodes under my belt, each one represents a story of challenges, learning, and success. Here’s a snapshot:

Ethereum Nodes

Sped up the network one transaction at a time, fine-tuning the gears of Geth for smoother rides.


Kept the Bitcoin heartbeat strong with unwavering uptime, supporting the flow of countless digital dreams.

Cardano Staking Pool

Created a cozy corner in the Cardano world with a top-notch staking pool that’s all about sharing the rewards and the love

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Got a blockchain puzzle? Looking for a node maestro? Or just want to talk shop about the latest in crypto? Drop me a line. I’m all ears and ready to dive into your blockchain dreams and challenges.



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